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 The driving motive here at Deer Daisy is to create beautiful stationery that will not cost the planet. Sadly, an estimated 15 billion trees are being destroyed globally every year! The common use of petroleum based inks in the printing world sees our planet’s health being compromised even further.

To help counteract some of this devastation and offer the consumer a tree-friendly alternative, all Deer Daisy stationery is printed on 100% recycled and Australian made materials, using vegetable based inks and green electricity.

We choose to support Rainforest Rescue in their amazing work to regenerate some of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world. So with every two wholesale orders, Deer Daisy stockists are helping to protect 1²m of precious Rainforest. 

Deer Daisy greeting cards and gift tags are stocked by some of the loveliest florists, bookshops, eco-stores, health food stores and gift stores Australia wide. 

If you think Deer Daisy greeting cards could work well in your space, please reach out, it would be lovely to hear from you. 



Here's what some beautiful customers have to say about Deer Daisy cards:

"We love so much about Deer Daisy cards - they are printed on recycled card using vegetable based inks, our customers love them and they are designed right here in NE NSW. Our only problem? We keep selling out of them and can't get them into store quickly enough!"
Kev Doye, Partner, Kombu Wholefoods Bellingen

"Deer Daisy greeting cards are beautifully designed and printed with the environment in mind. They are the only cards I stock as there is one for every occasion."
~ Imogen, Owner/Operator at Wild Lotus XXX


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